25 November

Apply for the contest before December 1 and win a free trip around Tomsk

25 November 2022, 09:30


VK group TSU-Online is launching a giveaway contest for international students, where the prize is a FREE trip around Tomsk and Tomsk Oblast. 

Winners can choose ONE of the following:

  • December 3, 15 PM to 19 PM, a trip around Tomsk;
  • December 4, 10 AM to 14 PM, wooden architecture trip;
  • December 10, 10 AM to 14 PM, a trip around Tomsk;
  • December 11, 10 AM to 14 PM, a trip to park Okolitsa in Zorkaltsevo village.

To participate, fill out the form, read the Regulations, do all tasks, and you’re set to go. The deadline for completion is December 1, 2022.

Link to the Google form

To apply for the contest, please attach to the application:

  • scanned copies in color or photographs of certificates/diplomas/letters of appreciation on achievements in sport and other fields;
  • scanned color copy or a photograph of the performance results page on the most recent examination period from the academic record book or a transcript of records from TSU student’s personal account.
If you are a 1st year student or lack certificates, write a small essay on why you should win this contest.

Regulations can be found in this post: