23 December

December 23 – speaking clubs final meeting Cool Contrasts Clubs New Year Fest

23 December 2022, 18:18

TSU Research Library, Lenina av., 34a

On December 23 from 18:18 to 20:20 the final meeting of all speaking clubs in this semester Cool Contrasts Clubs New Year Fest will be held in the International Resource Center and Lecture Hall. 

At the corresponding points the participants will learn about the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebration in countries where the English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian languages are spoken. Moderators prepared engaging activities on the topic. 

Then, all the participants will join together at the TSU Russian speaking club point and will learn about the traditions of the New Year celebration in Russia. In addition, staff members of the Department of the Main Collection will arrange an illustrative book exhibition Back in USSR where the editions devoted to the soviet traditions of this holiday celebration will be displayed. 


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