30 June

The Endowment Fund are holding the fundraising event «Graduate of TSU 2023»

30 June 2023, 10:00

TSU, 36 Lenin Ave

Dear graduates and guests of Tomsk State University!

For you starting from June 27 to July 7, the TSU Alumni Association along with the Endowment Fund are holding the fundraising event «Graduate of TSU 2023».

You will find:

  • A self-mirror at your graduation ceremony (during the graduation ceremony, a self-mirror will be installed next to the assembly hall. Everyone will be able to take a memorable photo and make any donation to the TSU Endowment Fund)

  • «Time Capsule» — write a letter to yourself in the future (in the dome near the Main Building, write a letter to yourself in the future, specifying the year when you would like to receive it. The Alumni Association will be happy to send it to you at the mentioned time)

  • «Mint yard» — here you can mint a coin with the image of the university

  • Master classes for graduates

  • Evenings of board games for TSU graduates

  • «Cedar Alley of graduates 2023»

#GRADUATIONTSU2023. Using this #hashtag, you publish your photo in VK social media from your graduation ceremony, and we print it instantly.

We are waiting for graduates of 2023, as well as graduates of TSU of previous years! Come for memorable impressions!