24 students from China graduated with a degree in Russian Area Studies

Twenty-four graduates of the Faculty of History and Political Sciences have defended their bachelor theses in Russian Area Studies. It is the first group consisting only of international students to graduate from the faculty.

The students from China completed the program “Siberia: Area Studies and Business Communication” in Russian Area Studies. This program was designed specifically for international students to study Russia and its regions, their resources, and how to interact with Russia. It is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses on economy, management, law, and geography. The only language of instruction is Russian, and all courses include language training.

“In 2018, when we opened the program, we targeted international students as a part of TSU educational policy. We have recruited almost 30 people, and it just so happened that most of them were from the People’s Republic of China,” says Dmitriy Khaminov, head of the program.

For the first two years, the students were at TSU, improved their language skills in TSU departments, and developed their professional skills in international organizations based in Tomsk. In 2020, due to the pandemic, students had to stay in China. Tomsk State University went online, and all classes for this program were held using distance learning technologies while maintaining live communication with students.

“The last two years they studied fully online, including preparation and defense of their bachelor theses, which they wrote in groups of three,” adds Dmitriy Khaminov. “Topics of graduation theses reflect relevant social trends in China and Russia, and relations between countries and regions. Some of our graduates plan to continue their studies in TSU master’s degree programs in social sciences and humanities.”

The topics for students’ theses: 
“Siberian Regional Development Strategies as a Factor of International Collaboration between Russia and China”; “Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Siberia as a Tourism Destination for Tourists from China”; “Russian-Chinese Partnership in Establishing Joint Cultural and Research Centers in Siberia”; “Siberian Regions’ Potential in Wood Industry in 2002-2020”; “How Migration Affects Eating Habits of Tomsk Students from China”.

As Dmitriy Khaminov explained, the graduates will receive their diploma via mail.