80 people submitted documents during the Night of the Entrant

80 people submitted documents during the Night of the Entrant

TSU held its third annual Night of the Entrant, during which 80 people submitted their original documents for admission to the University. Rector Eduard Galazhinsky met with the future students and presented some of them with gifts.

- The event is timed to the 2017 admission campaign, and this is an opportunity for university entrants to get to know the University more closely, to find out how it is, - said Eduard Galazhinsky. - This year, we have noticeably increased the flow of incoming students, at the moment we have already had 14,000 applications submitted.

About 1,500 school graduates and their parents came to the university on the evening of July 31 and 80 submitted their original documents. The first entrant, who received a gift from the Rector Eduard Galazhinsky, was Ekaterina Iu.

- I want to enter the Faculty of Chemistry, I like to explore substances and their properties, - says Ekaterina Iu. - I like this holiday, and I did not expect that I will meet with the Rector, it is very exciting.

The staff of the TSU’s admissions commissions prepared an entertaining cognitive programme for the guests: quizzes, fortune-telling, forensic examinations, exhibitions of the museums, and more.

Night of the Entrant concluded the annual festival "I'm at TSU". Especially for the guests of the University, there were exhibition performances of snowboarders, with snow brought to the grove of TSU. In addition, the applicants and their parents saw a 3D mapping show, and took part in the university version of the Open Air festival of electronic dance music, dance battles, open lectures, and much more.