A 13-year-old student of the Faculty of Chemistry will live in Parus

A 13-year-old student of the Faculty of Chemistry will live in Parus

Petr Pantilov, a 13-year-old applicant from Yakutsk, has become a freshman at the Faculty of Chemistry. He enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry specialist at the first stage of the general competition.

This is the first time that such a young student will study at TSU; therefore the administration of the University has allocated him and his mother Natalya Vinokurova a room in the residence hall Parus.

- The student is not yet fourteen and does not have a passport, so he must live with a legal representative, explained Sergey Kulizhskiy, Vice-Rector for Social Services. – It will be comfortable enough for them in Parus.

Peter scored 233 points on the results of the exams and another 5 points for individual achievements. As a result he was the 16th out of 50 in the rating lists. He says that chemistry was his favorite subject in school.

Peter Pantilov graduated from the author's school of NA Alekseeva with a gold medal. He passed an intensive training course with a special method that involves an individual approach and an intensive style of teaching.

It is interesting that this year the most senior student of the TSU Master's programme is retired American military Dennis Tinucci, who is 77 years old. He submitted documents for Biodiversity, an English-language Master's programme. Eduard Libin, who is entering the Master's programme in the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, is also 77 years old.