A piñata was smashed at the New Year's Eve meeting of TSU language clubs

The Research Library of Tomsk State University hosted Cool Contrasts Clubs New Year Fest, the final meeting of all language clubs in the outgoing year. The event was devoted to the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebrations in a variety of countries.

The main theme was national games, and 80 people at 9 language club sites played language learning games, held quizzes and contests, carved ornaments, treated national New Year sweets, and drew sweet souvenirs and prizes. Those who wished could dress up as Ded Moroz and Snegurochka (Father Frost and Snow Queen) and recite poems.

“The highlight of the meeting was the smashing of the piñata. This is an ancient tradition and an essential symbol of Christmas celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries,” said Elena Tsukanova, head of the International Resource Center at the Research Library. “Blindfolded players should find a piñata and hit it with a Christmas bat. The process is accompanied by cheers and chants, and songs in Spanish. The piñata is a large cardboard toy filled with candy, and members of the Spanish speaking club made it in advance. There were many people who wanted to get to the treats!”

New Year's pinata at the Research Library of TSU

Elena Tsukanova also added that the New Year meeting was joyful and fruitful. The participants not only had fun, but also improved their foreign language skills and obtained new knowledge about other cultural traditions. Such a good emotional charge will help them during the examination period, she said.

Text and photos are made by the Research Library of Tomsk State University