TSU has applicants from 55 regions of Russia and 37 countries

TSU has applicants from 55 regions of Russia and 37 countries

According to the statistics on August 1, TSU has applications from 7,783 students.

- For applicants, the place that a university occupies in the global and Russian rankings is becoming increasingly important. Tomsk State University attracts applicants because of its constant growth, - says Evgeny Pavlov, head of the TSU admission campaign.

The Department of Psychology (1,223 applications) and the Faculty of Foreign Languages (1,106 applications) have become leaders at TSU in 2016 in the number of applications for full-time study in Bachelor’s and Specialist's programmes. The next most popular was the Faculty of History and the Institute of Economics and Management (both have 1,023 applications). The highest competition traditionally was in the areas of law and economics legal (the overall competition on the faculties was 8 and 7 people per place), then the top five most popular areas were journalism, foreign languages, and psychology (6.9, 6.4, and about 5 people per place ).

The University’s visiting commission had successful work this year: the number of applicants from the CIS countries exceeded 750 people. In total, the TSU Admission Commission received 1,260 applications for admission from citizens of 37 countries other than Russia.

- The level of education at TSU increases every year. We develop and implement new technologies and methods, which is exactly what is needed in the contemporary world - Eugene Pavlov said.

The main phase of the admission campaign was completed on August 3. The applicants were enrolled at 80% of budget places for the full-time and part-time form of training in a Bachelor’s and Specialist's programme. However, the acceptance of documents and the competitive selection for the master’s programmes and postgraduate study are still in progress. The final results of the admission campaign for 2016 will be announced in late August