Become what you want: TSU launches the faculty festival on July 10th

On July 10–24 Tomsk State University is holding a festival to showcase its faculties and institutes. Each academic division is talking about the specifics of studying at the university and holding lectures and workshops for school students and applicants, as well as their parents. Attendees will get a sneak peak at how faculties operate and get a chance to ask staff and students questions.

“Tomsk State University is more than just a university: We believe it to be a special environment that encourages students to study, self-improve, and strive for excellence,” comments Anna Korshunova, head of the Department for Prospective Students Coordination and Career Guidance, Student Recruitment Division. “Each faculty will show how their students live, what they study, who they communicate with. These are instrumental for choosing a future profession, especially for those who plan to apply in a year or two.”

The event program includes lectures on machine learning and digital twins, a Python bot creation workshop, an entrepreneurship game, physics experiments, and more.

The program is regularly updated at

Entrance is free for everyone. Visitors can participate in the many activities, as well as submit their application documents.


Please note that the TSU main gate will be closed due to maintenance work. You can enter the university area through the TSU Research Library arch, from Moskovskiy Trakt, or from the Siberian State Medical University park.

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