Design project from Tomsk wins the prestigious iF Design Award

DOMIK PTASHKI, a design project of Siberian Design Center and Dydykin Studio, is one of the winners of international iF Design Award (Germany). As the project leaders note, the iF Design Award to designers is what Palme d'Or is in the film industry. Yet another award won by DOMIK PTASHKI demonstrates that the project is acknowledged by the international design community. 

DOMIK PTASHKI is a bird house designed to look as similar as possible to natural bird habitat on the inside and outside. It looks good in gardens and parks and is resistant to any weather conditions and easy to mount and care for. Its designers used only natural, recyclable materials and preservatives that do not pollute the environment.

The project has already won a number of awards: ADD Awards, second prize in Product Design Category (2019), Legendary Bird Home, Shortlist (2020), A’Design Award & Competition, Iron award at Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design (2020), Eurasian Prize, first place in Industrial Design Category (2020), International Design Awards, Silver Winner in Design For Society-Design for Environment (2021).

In April 2022, the project team received the news that the jury named DOMIK PTASHKI as one of the winners. Before that, in March 2022, Red Dot Design Award also chose the project as one of the winners, but decided against giving them the prize.

“I haven’t expected anything after the Red Dot Design Award. It is incredible to get two international awards at the same time. I was very grateful to our colleagues from iF Design Award for their unbiased assessment. The great history of our project is only beginning,” comments Viktor Klimenko, director of the Siberian Design Center.

 “Both Red Dot and iF Design Award are wellknown, internationally recognized awards with history and audience. Russia is a developing design market and therefore values every international mention very highly - it means that we were recognized by experts. Any award for us is an important point in our development,” adds Igor Dydykin, founder of Dydykin Studio.

Currently, the project team has another goal in mind - to manufacture bird houses. Initially, the majority stakeholder was going to be a company from the Netherlands, but now the future of the project is unclear. For now, the team is figuring out the logistic for manufacturing, hoping to minimize production costs.

“All stages of manufacturing are carried out in Tomsk. It’s very important that DOMIK PTASHKI is fully functional, even though it is predominantly a collection item. Practice demonstrates that any work that received almost every international award becomes an object of speculative interest for design connoisseurs. We already have requests from international design museums that want to add DOMIK PTASHKI to their collections. I think they will receive the first batch of our bird houses, which will promote Russian design in general,” explains Viktor Klimenko.