Dual Degrees and Earth’s Evolution: A new research master's degree

The TSU Faculty of Geology and Geography has begun the admission campaign for a new master's program, Evolution of the Earth: Geological Processes and Mineral Resources. This master's program will train geologists who find new ways to solve professional non-standard problems in the analysis of structural-material complexes, including use of the latest computer technologies.

The competitiveness of the program is ensured by the high professional level of the teaching staff through , the presence of scientific ties with both domestic and international scientists.

- The Master's program Evolution of the Earth: Geological Processes and Mineral Resources is an experimental project where we involve leading scientists from various academic institutions in Russia and other countries, - says Platon Tishin, Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Geography and Associate Professor of the Department of Petrography.

There are four professional modules:

  • regional and ecological geology;

  • petrology and geodynamics;

  • mineralogy and geochemistry of mineral deposits;

  • paleontology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleogeography.

In the last module, it is possible to obtain a double diploma with the University of Lille (France) in Stratigraphy and Paleontology.

Students will participate in research projects of the university and its partners. For example:

  • search and research of dinosaur and mammoth fauna,

  • obtaining digital images of paleontological objects,

  • compilation of geological maps of Russia,

  • geological surveys of Venus and other planets,

  • research on ecological and climatic disasters of the past,

  • development of innovative methods of prospecting for ore deposits,

  • study of large igneous provinces and their influence on changing the geological environment of the planet,

  • determining of the absolute age of the oldest and youngest geological objects on Earth.

Distance technologies, international internships, and lectures and master classes by invited world-class specialists will increase the educational opportunities of students.