Faculty of Innovative Technologies has been internationally accredited

The Innovation Management in Science-Intensive Technologies and Industry Engineering programs have been accredited by the Association for Engineering Education of Russia in engineering and technology and have been awarded the EUR-ACE mark of quality.

“The EUR-ACE Label® provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality of education at the university,” said Tatiana Rudenko, director of the Public and International Programs Accreditation Office. “It is recognized by 13 member countries of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education and 22 member countries of the Washington Accord.”

Program graduates can begin a professional engineering career in any of the countries participating in the agreements and qualify for Professional Engineer status with a senior position working on more complex and expensive projects.

Olga Vusovich, acting head of the Department of Innovation Management, emphasized that the Faculty focuses on engineering training and the application of the program.

Currently students can implement their first industrial projects at the student design bureaus — develop a full cycle of production — from the idea to the finished product. Each student's creative initiative will be supported.

Graduates' employment is an important issue. The faculty is building cooperation with new industrial partners — Geoscan Group and ArtLife are interested in analytics; the Engineering Chemical Technology Center and Research and Production company Micran Joint Stock Company are interested in graduates' career advancement and implementation of joint research projects, for example, with the School of Advanced Engineering Studies Agrobiotech.

“Students receive job offers during their study,” Olga Vusovich highlighted, and this is one of the important criteria confirming the quality of the education received.