Over 300 students participated in the TSU Night of Sports

Over 300 students participated in the TSU Night of Sports

For the first time, the Night of Sports was organized by Tomsk State University, dedicated to Russian Students Day. Recreational activities were spread throughout several campus sites, such as University Grove, the ice rink on Lake Mavlyukeevskoye, and TSU Sports Center. Thirteen sports were present in the form of contests and master classes, as well as a contest series Jolly Winter Pastime.

The Night of Sports participants were not only natives of Tomsk—altogether over three hundred students from various cities and countries who stayed here for the winter holidays came to the event. According to the organizers—the TSU Sports Club—the following universities were represented at the event: Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Tomsk State Pedagogical University, and Severs State Technological Academy, St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, and Tomsk State Pedagogical College.

“Some people brought their friends along. Of course, everyone was allowed entry. As for the students from other cities—Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk—they happened to be in Tomsk on this memorable date, learned about the event, and decided to take part in it too. To get in, they had to show their student ID. That was required even for the most avid sports enthusiasts,” commented the head of the TSU Sports Club, Anatoliy Moiseenko.

The Night of Sports program included contests and master classes on laser gun shooting, playing darts, streetball, chess, basketball, table tennis, doing pull-ups and bench presses, swimming, amateur hockey, and doing pull-ups and bench presses, as well as various types of fitness, self-defense, and night orienteering. The less competitive part offered sleigh and bumper tub riding and a valenki-throwing contest.

Jolly Winter Pastime as part of the TSU Night of Sports

The competitive scene of the event saw winners in both overall and coed rankings. The first place in the female-only table tennis contest was taken by Tirza Jotralda Leivakabessi, a student from Indonesia studying at the TSU Institute of Arts and Culture. She is now in the third year of her Design major.

“Back in my country, I have been playing table tennis for twelve years, then I had a two-year break, but in Russia I resumed my sessions. Table tennis is an innate part of me: without it life seemingly becomes more bland. Honestly, I just like sports in general. It helps me manage mood swings and stay in control if something is wrong,” shares the student.

The first place in the male-only chess tournament was taken by Radmir Latfulin of the TSU Institute of Economics and Management, who has over seven years of chess experience.

“Undoubtedly, it is better to play during daytime, when your mind is clear. But frankly, that would have made my opponents better too. However, on Students Day I was ready to bring out my A-game, because during the recent exam period I messed up my sleep schedule, meaning that I was sleeping during the day and studying during the night. And generally speaking I was in high spirits, because I just passed my last exam. So I simply felt like enjoying the game and maybe I thought I would take top place, despite the fact that I have slept for only two hours this whole day,” tells Radmir Latfulin.

Chess tournament at the TSU Night of Sports

As the event came to a close, all participants were invited to a giveaway organized by the university, as well as TSU Endowment Fund and TSU Sports Club.

“Judging by the feedback, the students loved everything—especially because there were types of competitions that you wouldn't see everywhere, like laser gun shooting. People don't go to shooting ranges every day, and here you can go in, fire some shots, and observe the results. The one thing that attracted the most remarkable number of people was the fitness masterclass session,” Anatoliy Moiseenko summed up.