Send a tatianka: how Tomsk universities celebrated Students Day

The universities of Tomsk have launched a postcard exchange campaign dedicated to the day of Russian studentship. The “tatianka” postcards have a symbolic meaning and can be used to give warm wishes to former or current classmates, people whom you became friends with during the years of study, and the teaching staff.

The organizing team is hoping for tatiankas to gain popularity and become the Tomsk version of Valentine’s Day cards.

“As a city with a well-represented studentship, Tomsk is cherished by those who formed new relationships during the study years. We are sure that everyone here has a special someone they met when studying for a degree, and sending them a tatianka is a great reminder of precious moments from the past. Besides, in Tomsk the Students Day might just be everyone's day: you either are a student, or somehow you are related to the educational environment.”

For reference. The Day of Russian Studentship is celebrated on January 25: officially the date was established by the presidential decree of 2005, but the roots of the holiday are in the 18th century. On this day in 1755 (the day of the St. Martyr Tatiana), the Empress Elizabeth of Russia signed the Imperial Decree on the Establishment of Moscow University, and that date became the official university day (then it was known as the Day of the Founding of Moscow University).