The first agrodrone competition in Russia was held in Tomsk Region

The first competition for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) applications in agriculture in Russia has taken place in the Tomsk Region. Teams from various regions of Russia analyzed land plots, made their plans, and calculated the concentration of liquid for further agrochemical treatment using drones. The competition was organized by Tomsk State University with the support of the Tomsk Region administration. Such competitions contribute to developing approaches to increasing crop yields and ensuring the country’s food security.

The event was held in Tomsk Region as part of the Archipelago 2023 initiative. Currently, Tomsk Region sticks to the regulatory sandbox for the operation of UAV systems, which provides for the use of UAVs for the delivery of goods, agricultural products, and so on.

According to Igor Pamirsky, director of the TSU School of Advanced Engineering Studies Agrobiotech, developing agrodrones and thus the necessary skills is relevant for any region dealing with agriculture.

Tomsk State University has the necessary competencies in the agricultural business and in operating the different types of UAVs. Thus, TSU scientists are conducting sampling and aerial survey of soils in the regions of Siberia using UAVs, developing mapping technologies for agricultural fields and ensuring their processing with protective products and fertilizers, and creating unmanned software and hardware solutions.


Teams from TSU and TUSUR (Tomsk), Mezheninovskaya Poultry Farm LLC (Tomsk), Siberian Federal Scientific Center of Agro-Bio Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), Novosibirsk State Agrarian University (Novosibirsk), Transport of the Future LLC (Samara), and Integrated Robotic Systems and Technologies LLC (Tatarstan) participated in the competition.

According to Dmitry Shashev, the leader of the TSU team and the deputy dean for research of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, the competition is important both for the university and for the region.

“Drones in agriculture” is now one of the advanced areas of development in Russia, and the competitions are held taking into account all the existing legislative norms and rules, including the pre-flight medical examination of the UAV external pilot“, adds Dmitry Shashev.

The competition was held on the Chklalov airfield in the village of Berezkino (Tomsk). The tasks for the competition were prepared by the regional administration, the TSU School of Advanced Engineering Studies Agrobiotech, and the Siberian Federal Scientific Center of Agro-Bio Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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The agrodrone competition part of the Archipelago 2023 initiative (Novosibirsk). Archipelago 2023 is an intensive directive for projects that determine the future of new industries: unmanned air systems, biotechnology, and creative economy. The participants solve problems related to developing unmanned aircraft systems, improving people’s quality of life, and social development. Archipelago 2023 is organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the NTI Platform, the Government of Novosibirsk Region, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the NTI Project Support Fund, and University 2035.

Photo by Igor Pamirsky