The results of the economics online winter school

27 students from Russia and China completed their studies at the TSU Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) winter online school Your Global Opportunities: International Perspectives. The working language of the school was English.   

Leading teachers of the IEM and the Department of Chinese Language of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, international partners of the IEM, heads of the Russian-Chinese Chamber, and managers of international companies held 20 online sessions.

The participants learned how to develop a business strategy, build business communication, bring a company to new markets, make management decisions, and use modern marketing tools. A separate block of the program was devoted to the specifics of doing business with Chinese business partners. The school also had an international roundtable “How do Companies Operating at the International Level React to Trade Wars and Rivalry Between Great Powers?”, which was attended by world experts.

One of the participants in the school, Jiaxin Pan from Ningde Normal University (China), noted that she completed the training because she is interested in international business and wants to use the winter break to expand her competencies in this area:

- This course provides an introduction to the different views and ways of thinking in the study of international business. Respect for cultural diversity is essential for global business. And the unique opinions and recommendations of respected scientists and professors in different areas can help to think from different perspectives. The topic about the specifics of global consumer product marketing was very useful for me.

She also added that she plans to enter the IEM master's program International Management, especially since the certificate of the winter school gives advantages for admission.

Vera Lapina, a bachelor student of Moscow City University, also noted that the International Management program is the reason why she went to winter school. She has already started looking through the questions and exam materials.

- Participation in the school gives an understanding of both national and international characteristics of the area, so I can apply my knowledge in practice, wherever I am. I liked the interaction, the free and creative atmosphere, productivity, the opportunity to learn from others and communicate with unique people from different cities and countries, - she notes.