Tomsk scientists will develop a device to neutralize chemical hazards

Scientists of Tomsk State University and Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies SB RAS (Altai region) will develop a technology to neutralize hazardous substances spilled during man-made accidents and military operations. The technology is based on the use of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide nanoparticles. As Alexander Vorozhtsov, TSU Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, told TASS (Russian news agency), the scientists will create a pulse generator that sprays neutralizing nanoparticles. The technology is sponsored by a grant from the RSF (Russian Science Foundation) and should be finalized by 2024.

“Let's say a cloud of toxic chlorine or acetone vapors is coming, and we spray neutralizing nanoparticles towards the cloud with something like a fire extinguisher. The device will be used in both open and enclosed spaces. The technology is designed to neutralize man–made accidents, but it can also be used in gas attacks during military operations,” explained Alexander Vorozhtsov.

The technology will be applied to many types of hazardous substances.

“Nanoparticles have a large specific surface area, and that makes neutralization more effective,” added Alexander Vorozhtsov.

The joint cost of the interdisciplinary grant, involving engineers, chemists, biologists and the use of mathematical models, is 54 million rubles.

Source: TASS