Tomsk through the eyes of an international student: "I have plenty of prospects at TSU"

I completed my undergraduate studies in my hometown, Mexico City. Then I worked for three years and then decided to study abroad. Everyone I knew supported me, they knew that I wanted to see the world. I drew up a list of countries I was interested in and applied for studies. In the end, I had three choices: France, Great Britain, and Russia. Studying in France was too expensive, and I did not really like the curriculum in the UK, so I decided to choose а Russian university. I was surprised that Mexican cuisine is very popular in Siberia. In Mexico, we think that other countries are not interested in our culture and cuisine. In this case, Russia surprised me. In Russian cuisine, I like pancakes, chicken, fish cutlets, and rassolnik. I cannot cook very well, so I often eat at the canteen.

FIT PhD student Edgar Solis Romeu

I had to choose between Tomsk, Saint Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg. I decided to choose TSU because here I talked to people who work with international students and help them adapt to a new country. They provided me much useful information and showed me how well the students are supported. It was important for me, because I did not know Russian and did not know much about this country at all.

I came to Russia in August 2018. At first, I studied in a master's program in English. Then I decided to stay in Tomsk because I liked the university, the city, and the whole country. I wanted to continue my studies here and decided to enroll in PhD studies in Russian.


Learning Russian was difficult. I did not go to the Faculty of Pre-University Training because I felt a bit old for it. In Latin America, people usually finish their bachelor's degree at first, then work for a few years, and afterward, study for a master's degree. However, in Russia, right after a bachelor's degree, they enroll in a master's program. Therefore, I learned Russian on my own, and I also attended a course on Russian for international students.

I have many opportunities and prospects at TSU. I can participate in conferences and projects and write my thesis. After my studies, I really want to stay in Russia for a year or two to try to "become an adult" in this country (to find a job and an apartment). Then I will decide whether I want to continue living here or go to a Spanish-speaking country.


I lived in the capital of Mexico. My hometown is large, and Tomsk is much smaller. I like the fact that everything here is close, and I can reach many places on foot. Tomsk also has beautiful nature: lots of greenery, the Tom River. I really enjoy the Russian winter. People think I am crazy because I like winter. But in Mexico there is almost no snow, and here in December, January, or February everything is so white and beautiful. I think it's not as cold as people say. You will not feel cold if you dress warmly.

I believe that if you move to Russia, the best thing is to try everything you can and participate in all the activities. In Mexico, after classes I went home and played computer games. I was missing many opportunities. Now I try to participate in all events (but I do not skip my studies). You should meet people from different countries, learn about their culture and traditions.

The material and photos were made by Elvira Trushina, from TSU Multimedia Center.