TSU and Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM) of Russia signed an agreement on emergency management

Tomsk State University and the Main Directorate of the Tomsk Branch of EMERCOM of Russia will work in joint research projects and collaborate in other areas related to emergency management. At a meeting held at TSU, affiliates of the university and JSC GLONASS demonstrated the first domestically made integrated security system based on end-to-end navigation to the representatives of EMERCOM.

During the meeting on research and technical collaboration, the TSU executive board and the main directorate of the Tomsk Branch of EMERCOM signed an agreement to establish and develop a long-term partnership on citizen security control. What laid the basis for the collaboration is the joint project between TSU and GLONASS JSC: A smart integrated security and emergency management system to be used in educational institutions that relies on domestically developed digital technologies. Based on how well the system performs during testing, it will be implemented at other Russian universities. 

Among the meeting's attendees were Deputy Governor on Security of Tomsk Oblast, Igor Tolstonosov; TSU Rector, Eduard Galazhinskiy; deans and scientist developers of the system representing their respective TSU faculties; and chief designer of GLONASS JSC, Mikhail Korablyov. EMERCOM Directorate was represented by the head of the directorate, Andrei Andreev, and other staff members. 

Deputy Governor expressed his interest in the system's integration with the 112 rescue service telephone number. TSU developers showcased the state information system ERA-GLONASS, which can be used for processing emergency calls and redirecting them to the 112 rescue service of Tomsk Oblast, as well as prototype hardware: the remotely controlled complex for engineering, radiation, and chemical assessment and the tracked exploration robot. Representatives of the Tomsk branch of EMERCOM said that partnership with TSU could be promising. 

In the proposal of the integrated information-and-navigation security system, Andrei Andreev, head of the Tomsk Oblast EMERCOM directorate, discussed with the developers the possibility of technologically enhancing the system. Head of the training division of the EMERCOM fire safety department, Sergey Smygalin, inquired how to encourage businesses to use the system in their workspaces.

Members of TSU staff and main directorate of the EMERCOM Tomsk Branch at the meeting on scientific and technical collaboration

According to TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy, the work of TSU and GLONASS JSC has the potential to be recognized federally and used not only by EMERCOM, but also by other businesses. 

“For 1.5 years, TSU and GLONASS have been developing a navigation system that would enable one to navigate better in crowded indoor areas in an emergency. We tailored the system to suit the needs of our university, and right now we are working with GLONASS to apply this framework to other apps and social networks.” 

The joint project of TSU and JSC GLONASS based on end-to-end navigation integrated with video analytics was showcased in TSU building 4. EMERCOM staff were shown the system components, and how it is able to monitor and display people on the building plan and suggest the most optimal evacuation routes.