TSU and NCST to maintain cooperation in exchange programs and materials science

The delegation of the North China University of Science and Technology (NCST) recently visited Tomsk State University. This was the second visit of the NCST delegation, and the previous one was more than ten years ago. The representatives of the Chinese university learned about the opportunities of the Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Distance Learning, and TSU research innovations. TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky and Chairman of the Party Committee of NCST Liu Xiaoping agreed to maintain cooperation.

The visit began with the faculty tour and introduction to the educational programs, research projects, and faculty members, organized by acting dean of the Faculty of Chemistry Alexey Knyazev, deputy dean for General Affairs Yuri Slizhov, and associate professor of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry Ludmila Mishenina.

The visit continued with a meeting with TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky, TSU Vice Rector for International Affairs Artyom Rykun, and representatives of the Faculty of Chemistry. They discussed cooperation opportunities, academic mobility, and the implementation of joint projects.

Meeting of TSU and NCST representatives

Eduard Galazhinsky and Liu Xiaoping agreed to maintain cooperation. The parties also discussed the prospects for cooperation in ecology and environmental issues, as well as implementing special tracks for the largest industrial partner of NCST —automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors, which owns the Haval and Tank brands.

Tomsk State University and North China University of Science and Technology have been cooperating since 2015, beginning with the conclusion of a five-year Memorandum of Cooperation. Now the parties wish to sign a new version of the Memorandum. In addition, TSU and NCST are implementing a double-degree program in chemistry.

Currently, there are about 600 students from China studying at Tomsk State University, with the largest number studying at the Faculty of History and Political Studies. NCST is one of 12 Chinese universities cooperating with TSU.