TSU captains surprised the karate coach with the will to learn and win

TSU captains surprised the karate coach with the will to learn and win

Students studying at the TSU Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) bachelor's program Entrepreneurship and Project Management. Captains passed intermediate certification in a physical discipline unusual for the university - kyokushin karate.

Igor Ovchinnikov, the coach who specially came from Moscow, noted that the guys surprised him with a great will to learn, win, and master new things. According to Ovchinnikov, kyokushin karate in the bachelor's program has great importance: it is here that the formation of character and personality, so necessary for a person who wants to become physically healthy and successful, takes place.

- The general level of training of the captains did not surprise me, it is initial, like all beginners, - said Igor Ovchinnikov. - But I was surprised by their desire to study, to learn the new difficult art of karate. It is very joyful to see burning eyes and a great desire to train, overcoming all difficulties.

Students note that the karate classes fascinated them very much, helping them to be 100% involved.

- I realized that every time you do more and more, - says student Kristina Anikina. - Karate is not just fights, but a whole philosophy that establishes a connection between the physical and emotional state of a person. You learn to control not only your strength but also your feelings, you control them.

Kristina added that karate helps to focus on something important at the moment, develops the habit of bringing everything to perfection, and helps not to lose heart if something does not work out, but to try again and again until it works out.

- When classes began, I was not sure why I needed karate, - Ilya Mangadaev shares his impressions. - But I determined the meaning and purpose and after that, it became much easier to study. Karate is about strengthening willpower and spirit, about overcoming yourself. If we talk about how we can apply new knowledge in what we are learning, then, of course, in business negotiations, the ability to be firm and confident, to bring things to the end without looking back, to move only forward, without deviating from our goals.

The IEM students passed their first test of kyokushin karate with dignity. A week later, they will find out the test results - and someone will receive an orange belt. Training continues, which means that soon the next test is for an orange belt with a blue stripe.