TSU entered the top 100 in the RUR world ranking in 3 subject areas

Round University Ranking (RUR) 2023 has presented its international subject rankings of universities, which includes more than one thousand universities from 84 countries. Tomsk State University increased its rankings in three out of the six areas: humanities, natural sciences, and life sciences.

TSU demonstrated its best result in natural sciences, ranking 63rd in the world and 3rd in Russia. In humanities, TSU ranked 2nd in Russia and also entered the world top 100, ranking 86th. In life sciences, TSU ranked 2nd in Russia and 123rd worldwide.

In technical sciences, TSU maintained its position in the top 100 world universities, ranking 92nd.

In social sciences TSU was 264th in the world and 2nd in Russia, and in medical sciences, 439th in the world and 11th in Russia.

For reference: RUR is a leading ranking agency that has been evaluating the world's universities since 2010. The rankings presented in 2023 include not only the usual six broad areas ¾ humanities, medical, natural, social, technical, and life sciences ¾ but also the results of 26 rankings covering narrower subject areas.