TSU has launched a Roblox-based game for applicants jointly with three other Tomsk universities

A Roblox-based game BRAINSTORM is a tool meant to increase the applicant count at Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Siberian State Medical University, and Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. The goal of the project is to further promote Tomsk as the university capital city of Russia. By playing the game, prospective applicants can get acquainted with the universities and exchange in-game currency for real-life prizes.

“Current highschoolers are actively using gadgets for gaming and studying, and if we want to stay relevant in the eyes of potential applicants, we have to speak their language. This is why TSU and other Tomsk universities decided to try something new and create a virtual game platform. Thousands of school students around Russia can learn more about Tomsk universities in an informal, pressure-free environment,” explain the project developers.

The developers of the game—Paraweb—created a world where aliens steal people’s knowledge all over the world, and Tomsk is their next target. The applicants’ goal is to save the city from the invaders and at the same time expand their knowledge of its universities. The main in-game currency is points, which applicants can exchange for real-life prizes provided by the universities and the developers.

Gamers can find out more about professions they can master by enrolling in the university programs, learn some interesting facts, communicate with rectors, and receive points.

The four universities’ shared efforts helped create an exciting adventure that hopefully will gain lots of popularity.

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Game website: https://brainstormgame.ru/

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Roblox is a world-famous game-creating platform, visited by 2 million active Russian users daily.

Web agency Paraweb is one of the leading Russian developers in the fields of education and science, according to Runet rankings.