TSU is creating new resources for people with disabilities

TSU is creating new resources for people with disabilities

The regional forum Community was recently opened at TSU. It is an open workplace for three-way dialogue between society, business, and the government aimed at improving the quality of developing and implementing social projects. The organizer of the event was the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The experts of the Civic Chamber talked with the Evgeny Pavlov, head of the New Recruitment Department; Sergey Kulizhskiy, Vice-Rector for Social Services; the programmers creating new resources for teaching people with disabilities; and the teachers who work with special students. Evgeny Pavlov noted that the number of applicants with disabilities at TSU is not very large, but is steadily growing every year.

Ekaterina Kurbangaleeva, an expert of the RF Civic Chamber, asked if the university is having difficulty with adapting content for teaching students with different conditions.

- TSU is a classical university with a 140 years of history and it has formed strong schools in all areas, so our teachers successfully cope with adapting the content of the programs,- said Sergey Kulizhskiy. - If there will be students with new conditions, we can receive methodological support from other universities, our partners who have experience in the question we need.

During the meeting, Ekaterina Kurbangaleeva was shown the program product for visually impaired and blind people, created by Mikhail Pozhidaev, assistant professor in the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Information and a teacher at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

- Creating this platform was originally a solution to my problems,- said Mikhail Pozhidaev. - Thanks to our application, working on the computer is faster and more comfortable for people with a sensory impairment. The application provides access to all resources of the TSU Research Library, implements various documents, and learns to program, reproduce, and create textbooks in DAISY format. While this is a local experience, we are very interested in replicating it, and we will be happy to find an ally in the Civic Chamber, who could provide necessary assistance.

TSU is implementing a number of projects aimed at teaching children and adults with health issues, and creating special conditions for special people by transforming the university's infrastructure to suit their capabilities.