TSU is going online again to preserve the health of students and staff

Tomsk State University will work remotely until the end of February 2022 to combat the rapid spread of COVID-19. Today, all members of the Tomsk Consortium of Universities and Scientific Organizations have discussed the preventive measures.

“In response to the COVID-19 situation in the region and in the country getting worse, the Consortium decided to switch to distance mode of education,” said Evgeny Lukov, TSU Vice-Rector for Education. “It is a necessary step to preserve the health of students and employees, and minimize the risk of infection spreading. To ensure the quality of education, the university will use all its digital resources.”

All divisions of TSU are recommended to conduct their meetings online.

To achieve the needed level of collective immunity, the university urges all students and employees who have not been previously vaccinated, to vaccinate, and those who have been vaccinated, to comply with the terms of revaccination recommended by the Chief Sanitary Inspector for Tomsk Region (which is in 6 months). Additionally, you can protect yourself by complying with the recommendations of epidemiologists, wearing masks and not coming in contact with other people more than necessary.

If you need to visit any TSU division, make an appointment via a phone call or an e-mail. You will not be able to visit the division without an appointment.

Please wear a well-fitting mask when visiting the university and use hand sanitizers (you can find them inside university buildings).

Any further decisions on TSU’s mode of work will be taken based on the situation in the region and Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Rospotrebnadzor recommendations.