TSU master's degree will earn to get diploma from a French university

New master's students in the International Management program, TSU Institute of Economics and Management (IEM), will be able to study the disciplines of the third semester at the University of Cote d'Azure (France), complete a master's thesis under the joint supervision of professors from Russia and France, and, as a result, in addition to a TSU diploma, receive a second diploma from the partner university. This became possible with to the signing of a bilateral agreement with thea French university.

Cote d'Azure University is located in Nice and annually attracts more than 30,000 students, 20% of whom are from abroad. For several years, the university has been actively collaborating with the IEM on programs of academic mobility of students, and its professors participate in scientific events and are involved in the educational process of the institute. In 2021, with the start of the double degree program, this collaboration moves to a new level.

In addition, in 2021, the IEM master's students entering the English-language program International Management will have more opportunities to study on a budgetary basis: the number of free places has been increased from 5 to 15.

This decision is associated with the high potential of the program and its graduates: by obtaining the qualifications of professional managers with excellent knowledge of the English language, they can successfully work both in Russian and international companies, and prove themselves in dynamically growing and highly competitive global markets.

- The IEM's master's program International Management is the flagship for Tomsk, - notes Olga Nedospasova, head of the program, Doctor of Economics and IEM professor. - First, it is implemented in English, which helps us to combine the resources of TSU and our international partners. Second, since last year, a new International Business module in Chinese has been added to it. It is primarily aimed at graduates of undergraduate programs planning their career development with a focus on the Chinese market. Also, this module is attractive for applicants from China, who traditionally make up a significant part of the undergraduates of our program.

Master's students study international economics and globalization processes, international finance, global business strategies, project management, human resources, multicultural marketing, and promotion to international markets, including the Asia-Pacific region, solve real cases from international companies, and develop their projects.

The scientific supervisor of the program is Jean-Paul Larson, Honored Professor of the Higher School of Commerce in Paris, member of the Board of Trustees of the IEM TSU, author of several books in strategic management, who reads lectures for students. International teachers from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy also give workshops.

Among the immediate prospects for the master's program is developing collaboration with the global educational platform Coursera.