TSU patented a program for document management in Laos

TSU patented a program for document management in Laos

TSU has received a patent for registering software created for the platform of the Ministry of Industry and Science of Laos. The program, developed by scientists at the TSU Faculty of Innovative Technologies, automates document flow in construction, housing and communal services, and agriculture, thereby increasing the efficiency of managing the economy of Laos.

- The priority task that the government wanted to solve with TSU scientists was the need to transfer documents from paper to digital form and automating this process, - says Vladimir Syryamkin, one of the program developers, head of the Department of Quality Management.

Semyon Klestov, senior engineer at the Laboratory for Measurement Methods, Anachak Fonterykhak, a graduate student, and his scientific adviser, Professor Vladimir Syryamkin, created the new product. The software has already been implemented and is used to regulate management in the housing and communal services sector (placement and control of facilities), construction of new facilities (automation of preparation and issuance of passport documentation), control of road conditions, and in other areas.

- Along with this, the new product is used by the government for management in the agricultural sector,- says Vladimir Syryamkin. - For Laos, this is an important area because this country is predominantly agrarian - about 80% of the population is employed in agriculture. The state is focused on providing residents with food products produced in the country, therefore, a lot of attention is paid to agriculture. Our program helps not only to monitor the production of agricultural goods but also provides analytical calculations to forecast, for example, the yield of a particular crop. This helps managers make decisions aimed at improving the efficiency of the industry.

Another area of active interaction between Tomsk State University and Laos is the educational sphere. The contacts established by the TSU Department of International Relations with the Lao side have significantly increased the flow of students who come to the first university in Siberia to receive here the knowledge necessary for the development of the country's economy, IT technologies, and mining. Tomsk State University also helped to organize the training of Lao students in their homeland in technology management and robotics.