TSU scientists awarded for the contribution to AI ethnics

The Siberian (Tomsk) Center for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies, established by Tomsk State University in collaboration with Sberbank, has received an award for its contribution to the ethical regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). 

The award was presented at the International Forum on AI Ethics: GPT Generation. Red Lines in Moscow. The Siberian AI Research Center is recognized as one of the top AI ethics research centers in the country.

“As a classical, comprehensive university and a leader in the development of technologies, TSU has a strong focus on their reflection and socio-ethical expertise. Tomsk State University joined the Code of Ethics in the field of Artificial Intelligence exactly a year ago. Over this year we have come a long way and have created the first Siberian center for the study of artificial intelligence for the development of technologies and their ethical reflection,” said Daria Matsepuro. “Today, the study of soft law instruments and ethical legal regulation of new technologies, as well as digital and AI technologies, has become one of the most discussed in recent years, and it is at the top of the international research agenda.”

Tatyana Matveeva (Presidential Administration of Russia) Daria Matsepuro (TSU, in center) and Andrei Neznamov (Sberbank) at the award ceremony

Photo provided by City News Agency "Moscow"

The main topic of the International Forum on AI Ethics is social adaptation and possible consequences of the large-scale implementation of AI technologies.

Over 60 Russian and international specialists delivered speeches at the forum, more than 300 AI experts gathered on the TASS platform in Moscow, and more than 3,000 participants joined the online broadcasting.

TSU humanities scientists have been studying the problems of research ethics and regulation of new technologies for many years. In 2021, the TSU Center for Science and Ethics was established at the university as a result of long-term efforts to develop mechanisms and tools for expertise, consulting, and implementation of research ethics standards recognized in the world science. The Center was created as part of the federal program Priority 2030 in socio-humanitarian engineering, which is one of the leading strategic directions of TSU development, investigating human changes under the influence of science and technology and developing methods to increase human capacities.

In April 2023, Tomsk State University and Sberbank opened the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Center in the Siberian region as part of the U-NOVUS-2023 Early-career Scientists Forum. This is a joint research and analytical center of the Research and Education Center Institute of Law and Ethics at TSU. The center's work is aimed at creating AI-based developments to solve social issues in the region.