TSU scientists entered the Russian top 5 of world-renowned experts in Earth sciences

The leading academic platform for scientists Research.com published the 2023 rankings of worldwide Earth scientists. The annual rankings are compiled in reliance to citation rates within a certain field of study and serve as relevant lists of leading scientists in said field.

In the 2023 list, Oleg Pokrovskiy, a staff scientist at the Midi-Pyrenees Observatory (Toulouse, France) and the head of the TSU Laboratory for Biochemical and Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring (BioGeoClim), ranked 1st among Russian scientists and 597th worldwide.

The BioGeoClim research projects coordinated by Oleg Pokrovskiy encompass a wide array of issues related to global climate and rational management of natural resources. In particular, laboratory staff study the aftermath of climate change in the arctic and sub-arctic areas of Russia, functioning of natural ecosystems, and biogeochemical processes and their influence on the socioeconomic aspects of human life.

Oleg Pokrovskiy in the TSU BioGeoClim laboratory

Additionally, the Russian top 5 includes Igor Semiletov, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the head of the TSU Laboratory for Complex Study of the Ground-Shelf Arctic System (ranked 1851st worldwide).

In his research, ocean scientist Igor Semiletov aims to study thoroughly the condition of submarine permafrost, which can shed light on the presence of methane sources in arctic bottom deposits and the impact of gradual submarine permafrost degradation on the planet’s climate. Igor Semiletov is implementing the TSU project “Geological and Ecological Consequences of Permafrost Degradation in Marginal Ground-Shelf and Shelf-Continental Slope Arctic Areas” in reliance to the federal program of strategic academic leadership Priority 2030.

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Generalized statistics and trends in Earth sciences research are outlined in the special article preceeding the rankings.