TSU students are developing diamond quantum gyroscope for navigation

The diamond gyroscope will be ten times more sensitive than the commonly used MEMS gyroscope. The project is a part of the federal program University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform.

The gyroscope provides accurate navigation and control of a drone. The gyroscope system ensures that the UAV can fly correctly in the required direction by measuring and maintaining orientation and angular velocity.

Most drones have MEMS gyroscopes, but they have lower thermal conductivity and a larger size, as well as being vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation.

The diamond gyroscope is smaller, more wear-resistant, and cheaper. At the same time, it has higher thermal conductivity and radiation resistance.

The students are now improving the technology that will be the basis of the device, and are testing the theories.

"The gyroscope will be made up of diamond with certain color centers (these are defects in the diamond lattice that enable it to absorb optical radiation; if the diamond is transparent, it does not absorb radiation). Unlike other semiconductors, diamond has higher thermal conductivity and resistance to aggressive environments and radiation," project leader Olga Lyga from the TSU Faculty of Radiophysics commented.

Due to these properties, the gyroscope will be able to operate in extreme environments, such as at very low temperatures or in space, she concluded.

Text was taken from RIA Novosti