TSU Vice-Rector became an expert of the UN program in entrepreneurship

TSU Vice-Rector became an expert of the UN program in entrepreneurship

Konstantin Belyakov, TSU Vice-Rector for Innovative Activities, appeared as an expert in the UN Development Program in Tajikistan. He visited techno parks of the country’s eight universities to give expert assessment and recommendations on their work and further development. During the visit to Technological University, one of the leading universities of Tajikistan, the parties agreed on implementation of joint innovative projects and other forms of cooperation.

As part of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Tajikistan, several road maps have been developed. One of them implies the involvement of specialists from Russia to obtain expert assessment and recommendations on the development of the regions’ potential. Konstantin Belyakov, TSU Vice-Rector, became an invited expert to analyse the entrepreneurship field.

– Most of the work was carried out with the universities of Sughd region of Tajikistan, and with several universities in Dushanbe as well. The main goal was to see how entrepreneurship is developed in universities, – tells Konstantin Belyakov. – This experience turned out to be very interesting and useful for both parties, and I am pleased that the activities of TSU were highly appreciated at the UN, and they suggested that we carry out expert work.

According to the Vice-Rector, in the course of work, there also appeared joint ideas on how to create project groups using the interterritorial difference of the universities. In particular, for cooperation on agricultural development.

During the visit to Technological University of Dushanbe, the parties signed an agreement on cooperation, in which the implementation of joint innovative projects and student exchange programs are planned. According to Konstantin Belyakov, Technological University has a very developed local techno park; a production site for clothing design has been created, a macaroni production line is functioning, and the level of computer programming and robotic systems management is high. A number of successful and promising projects can be implemented in cooperation with TSU colleagues.

In addition, Konstantin Belyakov held a meeting with the management of Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan, a business space for young entrepreneurs, and discussed the possibilities of increasing the number of startups in the field of information and communication technologies and technological entrepreneurship.

It should be noted that innovative technology business incubator is operating to develop the entrepreneurial environment and support startups, and the University’s own Venture Fund, the first among Russian universities, has been created. In addition, in September 2018 the Centre of Entrepreneurship on the basis of TSU’s Institute of Economics and Management is going to be opened. The main task of the Centre is to provide students and staff with an opportunity to take their own efforts in entrepreneurship.

United Nations Development Program is a structure in the UN system which provides its member countries with free and non-politicized assistance in the field of development. UNDP operates in 177 countries and territories in three main areas: sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building, and climate and disaster resilience. It advocates changes and provides access to knowledge, practical experience, and resources in order to help improve people’s lives.