TSU will offer a one-year online master's degree program in content management

Enrollment is now open. It is an experimental one-year program.

This master's degree is suitable for those who are creative and want to have a specialty in content creation of different types and formats and media project management, and those who are already completing related education and want to master competencies to enter management positions.

The program includes two educational modules: content creation and content management. Training begins with the basics, such as creating sales, educational, useful, and other texts, developing creative content, and developing soft skills. Students gradually proceed to more complex disciplines on audio, video and media content creation technologies, content marketing, and project and product management. By the end of the course, students will understand how to develop and implement marketing strategies, lead a creative team, and manage content production.

“I had no experience in content management, I work as a correspondent, and it is my bachelor's degree specialization. I also run a relatively large literary blog, which matches the profile of the master's program,”  said master's student Natalia Sukhoveiko. “I have positive impressions of the program. This is a very practice-oriented program (primarily because of the instructors, who are working in the industry), most of the knowledge can be applied immediately, and it is very relevant. I like the unusual but definitely successful structure of the program: pre-recorded lectures, and a lot of practice on webinars, developing the acquired knowledge.” 

TSU online master's programs provide an education equal to full-time. They are a full cycle of education, including lectures, webinars, seminars, homework, tests, practical classes, and the defense of the master's thesis. The benefits of full-time students are available to students. Graduates of online master's programs receive TSU diplomas.