Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues and friends!

December is a special month when we not only report on what we have done, but also make big plans for the future. This future has a “triple dimension” for us all. In it we see ourselves as citizens of our country, university people and relatives to our loved ones — family and friends.

As Russians, we want our country to become even stronger in the new year in the economy, the latest technologies, the social sphere, cultural achievements, foreign policy, and defense. We wish for greater mutual understanding within our civil society and, at the same time, greater understanding on the part of other countries and representatives of other cultures. And those who follow events inside and outside Russia closely cannot help but notice that the grounds for this are increasing every day. The world around us is changing. Many of those who were blinded by hatred of everything connected with Russians and Russian culture are beginning to see the truth. There is no doubt that this epiphany will continue. Partnerships with other states are now based not only on common economic interests. For example, the main motive for our President’s visit to the United Arab Emirates was strategic cooperation based on fundamental values and opposition to globalism that is corrupting traditional values. The Russian tricolor drawn by pilots in the sky over Abu Dhabi was a sign of the unanimity of the two states on this issue and the beginning of a new global trend.

  As university people, we expect TSU will become stronger, more diverse and effective in the new year, having once again entered the first group of research leadership of the federal program “Priority 2030” as the only non-metropolitan university in this group. To achieve this, we launched a number of pilot projects, by entering into an educational experiment declared by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. If we succeed, and it cannot be otherwise, then our pilot projects together with the pilot projects of other leading universities, will help the entire Russian higher education system once again reach the most advanced positions in the world. As a result, domestic science will become stronger, enriched with young researchers. There are two values as the basis for present and future achievements: academic and cultural. The former are represented by intellectual freedom, critical thinking, and fundamental science. The latter may be seen in the Russian language, works of art and literature, national and university traditions.

May the coming year bring us new victories and achievements, open new horizons and opportunities for the development of our beloved university. May each of us find our own path to success and self-realization this year, and may the support of friends and colleagues become a strong foundation for our achievements.

As mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, wives and husbands, sisters and brothers, we all want the skies above us to remain peaceful in the new year. And may each of us be loved by our family. Homeland, work according to the calling, strong family and reliable friends — aren’t these the main meanings of our life?

Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours, Eduard Galazhinskiy

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