TSU scientists and astronaut Oleg Artemyev were awarded on the Day of Russian Science

More than 100 Tomsk State University scientists recently received awards at the ceremonial meeting of the TSU Academic Board: Awards were given out by the administrations of Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk, and the university. Among the event's guests was the Russian space pilot Oleg Artemyev, who not long ago tested the first Russian 3D printer developed by Tomsk scientists onboard the International Space Station. At the ceremonial meeting, he was given one of the most prestigious TSU awards—Medal of Dmitriy I. Mendeleev.

On the Day of Russian Science, members of the scientific community of Tomsk State University were congratulated by TSU President Georgiy Mayer.

TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinksiy also expressed his congratulations. He noted that science has always been one of the focal points of our country—and that for 145 years TSU has consistently been making remarkable contributions to the Russian scientific scene. 

“Time and time again our university has targeted high-priority challenges our country faces. I am convinced that professional experience and the fresh ideas of young people are to be perceived as a whole, and that this synergy of sorts has been in the very genome of our university since its inception. This synergy, as well as collaboration with partner universities and research institutes under the agenda of the University of Tomsk, can significantly increase our scientific output.”

Ceremonial meeting of the Academic Board dedicated to the Day of Russian Science, TSU, 2023

Russian space astronaut and bearer of the honorary title Hero of the Russian Federation, Oleg Artemyev, expressed his gratitude for TSU scientists for creating the first 3D printer in Russia for producing components and tools used on board the ISS. In June 2022, the astronaut made his third flight, along with his colleagues—flight engineers Sergey Korsakov and Denis Matveev—during which he tested the device to determine the viability of additive technology development for polymer materials produced in space conditions. Among the 19 items that were printed in space was the logo of Tomsk State University, which Oleg Artemyev gifted to the university at the ceremonial meeting. The astronaut stated that the 3D printer is still being used for experiments in space.

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Alexander Vorozhtsov, awarding Oleg Artemyev the TSU Medal of Dmitriy I. Mendeleev

By the decision of the TSU Academic Board, Oleg Artemyev was given one of the most prestigious awards of the university—the medal of Dmitriy I. Mendeleev.

TSU Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Alexander Vorozhtsov, summed up the results of the previous academic year. He emphasized the leading positions of TSU in research, its high national and worldwide rankings, and its participation in large-scale interdisciplinary projects and grants. He outlined the university's integral role in the consortium Global Earth Changes and Security, its high publication activity, and its highly regarded early-career scientists. 

More than 100 TSU academic staff members were awarded on the Day of Russian Science.  

The full list of TSU awardees can be seen here.

Photographs from the ceremonial meeting of the Academic Board can be viewed in the section Media of the TSU website.